TOP-Dog Money Gun Chrome Gold Toy

Rapid$Gun TOP-Dog Money Gun Chrome Gold Toy + 3 X 100 Prop Money + 3 X 9V Batteries | Real Money Dispenser | Dollar Shooter | Paper Money Spray (Chrome Gold+300+3)

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Rapid$Gun Money Gun: The Rapid$Gun Money Gun is the new toy which distributes Real Money, Fake Money, Flyers. Coupons or some other paper material which ought to be passed on as long as it fits the stacking compartment and is of genuine thickness to leave the opening.

Multi-Usage and Fun for all Ages: Great redirection for kids and adults the equivalent. Can be used during kids parties, kids privateer games, birthday parties and by adults during weddings, move club, unfastened male/solitary wolfess parties, kitty parties, bunch building parties, family get-together, etc.

Usage Guide: It’s anything but difficult to use this. Just lift the top cover and weight the certifiable money, fake money, etc fitting the compartment measure and opening thickness. That is it…You are good to go!! Essentially point the gun a little up in course you need and attract the trigger little impacts. The stacked money will turn out flying 😊

Complete Ready to Go Cash Cannon Money Thrower: Our group fuses all that you need to start the moment it appears. Never again holding up till you buy the important battery or props to work. The group fuses everything: Money Gun, 100 Fake money notes, 2 X 2 = 4 AA batteries.

We in like manner have the choice of different shades like RED, PINK, etc. USA Seller for snappier movement to you.

We are there to serve you: This thing goes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer 30 days money-back guarantee joined with a 24 hours customer care. We are there to answer any request which you may have. If its all the same to you don’t stop for a second to relate us through Amazon.


The new interest toy is delighted in by the two youths and adults. The fun toy which controls Real Money, Fake Money, Flyers, etc. Incredible redirection for kids during parties, kids privateer games, birthday parties and by adults during weddings, move club, solitary wolf/single young lady parties, kitty parties, bunch building works out, family get-together, etc.

Headings to Use:

1) Please ensure that you by and large use crisp charges in Money Gun. Usage of collapsed bills may stick the weapon.

2) Please don’t place more than 100 charges consistently.

3) The Money Gun’s passage on the top should snare. It should be insignificantly cut down and reaching the money.

4) Keep the edge of the weapon hardly pointing upwards while shooting.

We give you everything which dismisses you from the moment you get it!!

The group contains:

1) Money Gun (Red or Pink as indicated by the concealing you have mentioned)

2) 100 Prop notes/fake dollar greenbacks (You can use crisp certifiable money as well)

3) 1 X 9V Battery Included

Solicitation it now!! 😊😊

If its all the same to you don’t stop for a second to stay in contact with us if there ought to be an event of any request.


All the above are our proposals for money thrower gun exceptional. This most likely won’t suit you, so we slant toward that you read all detail information also customer overviews to pick yours. You should in like manner help to share your experience when using money thrower weapon exceptional with us by a comment in this post. Much gratitude to you!

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